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Rendell, Ruth: Live Flesh. First Edition/First Printing.

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This is a first edition and first printing of Live Flesh by Ruth Rendell, published by Hutchinson in 1986.

The book and protected dust jacket are in Fine condition.


Why did he do it? Why had it happened? What sort of fiend was he? Why should Victor Jenner, the child of happily married, middle-class parents, succumb to such violent rages? Why should he have needed to make motiveless attacks on women? Victor didn't know.

But Victor did know that the last ten years - the years in prison - had been a mistake. He had never intended to harm anyone. It had all been an accident. In fact, his life had been a series of accidents, one mistake leading to the next.

Now, out of prison at last, Victor still isn't free. The past hold him so he can't go forward. So Victor goes back - and begins a chain of accidents, a new string of tragic mistakes.

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Rendell, Ruth: Live Flesh. First Edition/First Printing.